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Potty Training Advice August 3, 2010

Filed under: parenting — paintingmama @ 1:29 pm

I have noticed lately on Facebook that a lot of friends are facing potty training issues. I thought I would give a tip that has helped me with Brandyn.

My son hates being dirty or wet and feels the need to change his clothes if he spills the slightest amount of juice on his shirt. This has work to my advantage with his potty training. I wanted him to be proactive with his potty training which makes him that much more proud when he does well. I stocked the bottom drawer in his bathroom with about 20 pairs of underwear and place a small basket on a shelf in there, as well. Most of his accidents happen directly in front of the toilet because, as we all know, kids wait till the last minute to stop playing and run to the bathroom. When he has an accident, it is up to him to change his own clothes and place the wet ones in the basket.

He was having issues with wetting his bed first thing in the morning, and since he wakes up and gets out of bed in the mornings on his own, I wouldn’t discover this until it was time for bed… causing me to have to change his sheets and wash them late at night. I taught him how to take his blanket and sheets off of the bed and instructed him to place them on the floor in front of the washing machine. He loves being Mommy’s helper and this helps keep him from being humiliated. We are pretty much accident free now, maybe only once a month… but accidents happen, as Elmo would say. (Elmo has a really great potty training video.)

So take a deep breath, and know that potty training means that you are one step closer to not having to wipe anyone else’s butt but your own! =0)


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