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It’s the little things he does… August 4, 2010

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This is going to be an on going post. It is to remind myself of all the little things that Ben does that make me love him just a little bit more everyday. I’m not talking about romantic dinners or bringing me flowers, but as they say “it’s in the details”.

1. While at the store, he remembers that I am out of face wash. Not only does he remember to buy it, but he knows exactly what brand and what type!

2. I am allergic to soy. He does a lot of the grocery shopping and most of the cooking. He checks labels to make sure there are no hidden “boobie traps” in my food.

3. I have recently become Messianic Jewish. I no longer eat pork. He bought a pizza that had pork on it, so he meticulously picked off every little piece of pork.

4.  Katie bought me the first two books of the Vampire Diaries for my birthday. When he noticed I had finished the book, he stopped by the book section at Walmart and bought the next two in the series.

5. Inevitably, girl “issues” arise in the middle of the night. Without complaint, he goes off to the store alone to purchase “girl products” without being  even remotely embarrassed.

And the list will go on…


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