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Natural Apricot Facial Recipe August 5, 2010

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This is my favorite natural facial mask I have been using lately. I have been getting a lot of “your skin is glowing” comments after using it. It’s a little more involved than the other two I have previously posted, but not much more. Here’s whatcha need:

A bag of dried apricots. (Dried fruit section at any grocery store, usually with the raisins)

Unflavored yogurt

Dried oatmeal


Cleanse your face (use the grape trick from previous post). Soak the dried apricots in a bowl of water (I know sound weird, but thats what you do) until they get big and puffy. Throw them in the blender, add a cup of yogurt and puree.  Add a cup of dry oatmeal and about a half cup of water (more or less according to how thick you want it). Mix some more. Apply to your face and let sit until you begin to feel a slight pulling as it dries. About 20 minutes. Wash of with warm water and a wash cloth. Use your favorite moisturizer afterwards. Have fun! Tell me what you think if you try it.


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