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Pamper Yourself! August 5, 2010

Filed under: girly stuff,Housewife Stuff,parenting — paintingmama @ 1:13 pm

Moms these days spend so much time taking care of others. Between driving kids to soccer practices and games, chaperoning play dates and field trips, helping the kids with homework and book reports and wrapping up all of that by making dinner and packing lunches… we forget or don’t have the energy to take time for ourselves. We forget how important it is to refresh our body and spirit. This is especially true for new moms. This past year, I have taken into account how 30 minutes to an hour of “me” time changes my attitude and raises my patience level.

This is my favorite me time routine. After Kaitlyn is off to school and Brandyn is down for a nap or after they have both gone to bed for the night, I set the laptop on my nifty little MyPlace computer table on the floor near the tub full of bubbles (not near enough to get electrocuted, calm down), if it’s after bedtime for the kids… a glass of wine, maybe some chocolate… maybe not if I’m watching calories, a homemade face mask (check past posts for recipes) and watch a marathon of my favorite TV shows online (True Blood, The Tudors, etc). If time permits before my son or hubby come to see where I have disappeared to, I like to mani/ pedi it up.

So what’s your routine? Leave a comment and let us know.


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