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Mom-isms #4 August 25, 2010

Filed under: parenting,Random Musings,stupid stuff — paintingmama @ 6:03 pm

After having his blood drawn at the lab yesterday, my son held it together all the way back to the lobby where he finally  turned and looked at me… gulping back the tears that were welling up in his eyes. When the nurse had left his eye sight and ear shot, he told me “Mommy, I didn’t like it when she did that! I don’t want her to do that again!”. Trying not to smile at the precious little face that was working so hard not to cry in front of everyone, I asked him if he would like a hug. He nodded and nearly jumped into my lap, burrowing his face into my chest until he could regain his composure. Kaitlyn had a moment of poorly timed curiosity and asked me, “If they took his blood out, aren’t they supposed to put some back in?” (Maybe I shouldn’t let her watch medical stuff on TV anymore???) Brandyn looked at me with a panicked expression and asked, “I’M MISSING BLOOD?” I have a feeling the next trip to the lab will not be as smooth.


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