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Soy… I’m not a fan. August 26, 2010

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I remember being in middle school (Brawley Middle School), right about fifth grade when the school district announced that they were going to save money by cutting all the beef in half with this new amazing thing called soy. This would make the meet go twice as far, saving the school district lots of money. It was in about sixth grade that I became very sick all the time, usually after lunch. My mother at first thought I was either faking or being a hypochondriac because of the frequency of the stomach aches. Doctors thought  I either had an ulcer at age 12 or possibly I was lactose intolerant.

It wouldn’t  be for another 10 years that the real culprit would be discovered. I was watching a movie with my sister-in-law, making some snacks when she asked me if I’d ever had Edamame. I said no and after tasting it, I proceeded to eat the whole bag. About thirty minutes later, I realized the problem and true source of my mysterious sicknesses. I found out from a food allergy hot-line number why I was getting progressively sicker over the years. Digestive allergies become worse every time there is a hormonal change, hence the second reason I didn’t become sick until age 12. Two pregnancy hormonal changes later and a recent move by the food industry to remove trans fats by replacing many ingredients with soy, I now find myself having to read every label for hidden booby traps.

Many people find soy to be a miracle food and protein supplement, to me it has become ticking time bombs. A genetic little freak of nature preventing me from ever taking a diet food (check out the labels of Slim Fast or Nutri System or any other diet product), running in fear of vegan restaurants or any fast food joint, for that matter. Soy is found in 60 percent of all food and often hides under other names, too many too keep track of. So there it leaves me… basically having food poisoning like symptoms about once every month or two.


2 Responses to “Soy… I’m not a fan.”

  1. I have a friends daughter who is also allergic to soy! Its in SO MANY things! Hopefully the options will open up soon!

    • paintingmama Says:

      It has gotten harder in recent years to avoid soy… between the health food craze, people wanting to get rid of trans fats and the food industry trying to save money by replacing meats and dairy with soy. I also find foods that used to be safe for me will have the recipe change without warning, often adding many things people are allergic to.

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