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Attention New Moms! March 8, 2011

Filed under: parenting — paintingmama @ 3:20 pm

MOMS: listen up! I love my friends, watching them with all these new babies. However, I have at least three friends on my brain right now with that new mom tired. So here’s my question: When is the last time you painted you toe nails? When is the last time you sat down with a cup of coffee by yourself in SILENCE? These are NOT dumb reasons to get a babysitter from time to time.

We forget to take care of ourselves after our babies are born. Remember when we were pregnant that taking care of ourselves meant taking care of the baby? The story does not change after the baby is born. A good solid nap one afternoon can change your whole week. I have to tell you that the thing I wish for the most, even (or maybe especially) with older children… is just silence. Even if everyone in the house is gone, the fish tank’s constant running water noise will push me towards insanity. When I realize I am getting to this point, I make a phone call to a babysitter.

In a relationship with a good friend, there is an equal balance of giving and receiving. When this balance is upset and one person is giving more of themselves more often than they are receiving, that person becomes drained and the friendship can get strained. The same is true with our children. It’s hard for new moms to recognize this sometimes. Often new moms  feel like it is a reflection on their parenting abilities. It is not, of course, but rather what we each go through from time to time. Take time for yourself! You will be a better mother for it.


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