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If Momma Ain’t Happy… October 11, 2010

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Last Wednesday morning, after waking up to yet another tooth ache, I decided to finally make a dentist appointment and have the situation checked out. I knew that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed years ago and that another molar had a relatively decent cavity. Getting married at a young age, being a young mom and being broke for years with no or terrible health insurance kept me from taking care of myself the way I should have. I wore the mother’s badge of honor that said “I put my children’s needs first”. After all, who cares if your tooth is better if you didn’t manage to keep the lights on  in the house.

I went to the dentist appointment expecting to have an appointment scheduled in a week or two to have my wisdom teeth removed, only to be told that the molar with the cavity was being compounded by the wisdom tooth pressing down on it. The result was an infection that spread all the way through the root of the tooth into the sinus cavity causing a massive infection. He told me if I had ignored this situation for another year, it was very likely the infection could have become life threatening being that it was only a stair step away from the fluids surrounding the brain. The teeth needed to be removed immediately, as in RIGHT NOW. The anesthesiologist was not on duty so this was going to have to be done with only Novocaine.

I returned home looking like a beat up chipmunk, but as I saw on the couch the gravity of the situation began to hit me. Something I had ignored for years as a minor irritation could have taken my life. I thought I had worn the badge of unselfishness by putting my family first financially, only leaving me to question if my actions had really indeed been unselfish. Thinking about the possible sickness I would have faced and God forbid, my passing… I realize that if I am not taking care of myself, I am not taking care of my family. I have preached in previous blogs about the importance of “me time” for Moms, but wasn’t fully adhering to my own advice.  Lesson learned. My health is important to me, but more important to my family.

October is Cancer Awareness month. I realize that with both of my Grandmothers having been diagnosed with breast cancer, that this is also something I need to be aware of. I am only thirty years old, but I am hearing more and more of younger women getting this form of cancer. Take care of yourselves. Hit the dentist and the doctor’s offices.


Homemade pore strips August 7, 2010

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By now, you’ve probably noticed that I love making homemade facial cleansers and masks, but one thing I have not been able to attack is the “junk” around my nose. Pore strips are expensive and I’m all about saving money… so when I saw this clip on Youtube, I was really excited. I’m passing it along!


Pamper Yourself! August 5, 2010

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Moms these days spend so much time taking care of others. Between driving kids to soccer practices and games, chaperoning play dates and field trips, helping the kids with homework and book reports and wrapping up all of that by making dinner and packing lunches… we forget or don’t have the energy to take time for ourselves. We forget how important it is to refresh our body and spirit. This is especially true for new moms. This past year, I have taken into account how 30 minutes to an hour of “me” time changes my attitude and raises my patience level.

This is my favorite me time routine. After Kaitlyn is off to school and Brandyn is down for a nap or after they have both gone to bed for the night, I set the laptop on my nifty little MyPlace computer table on the floor near the tub full of bubbles (not near enough to get electrocuted, calm down), if it’s after bedtime for the kids… a glass of wine, maybe some chocolate… maybe not if I’m watching calories, a homemade face mask (check past posts for recipes) and watch a marathon of my favorite TV shows online (True Blood, The Tudors, etc). If time permits before my son or hubby come to see where I have disappeared to, I like to mani/ pedi it up.

So what’s your routine? Leave a comment and let us know.


Natural Apricot Facial Recipe

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This is my favorite natural facial mask I have been using lately. I have been getting a lot of “your skin is glowing” comments after using it. It’s a little more involved than the other two I have previously posted, but not much more. Here’s whatcha need:

A bag of dried apricots. (Dried fruit section at any grocery store, usually with the raisins)

Unflavored yogurt

Dried oatmeal


Cleanse your face (use the grape trick from previous post). Soak the dried apricots in a bowl of water (I know sound weird, but thats what you do) until they get big and puffy. Throw them in the blender, add a cup of yogurt and puree.  Add a cup of dry oatmeal and about a half cup of water (more or less according to how thick you want it). Mix some more. Apply to your face and let sit until you begin to feel a slight pulling as it dries. About 20 minutes. Wash of with warm water and a wash cloth. Use your favorite moisturizer afterwards. Have fun! Tell me what you think if you try it.


Natural and CHEAP facial cleanser. August 2, 2010

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This has got to be my favorite “recipe” for a natural cleanser. Ready for the big secret? Here’s whatcha need:


Yup. That’s it.

Take the grape, green or purple… doesn’t matter, cut it in half. Take one half, squeeze it gently and rub over your face. Rinse with water. This is great for using before a facial. Works so well and being that grapes come in large quantities… REALLY cheap.


Homemade Acne Treatment

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I was talking with some girlfriends today and they thought I should share some of the natural recipes I found online for facial masks and cleansers. So the first one is a strawberry acne treatment. According to what I read, strawberries have the highest content of natural salicylic acid, the agent in many acne treatment products in the store. Here’s whatcha do:

2 cups of strawberries, pureed or blended

1 cup of yogurt

1/2 cup of oatmeal, uncooked

Mash together in in a bowl and let sit for ten minutes. Apply in circular motion (so the seeds and the oatmeal can ex-foliate your skin). Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, then wash of gently with a wash cloth.

I was having break out issues for years and this is the recipe I used to clear mine up. Everyone’s skin is different, so be patient… miracles don’t happen over night. Try this once or twice a week. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO STRAWBERRIES!